A warm welcome to all that visit.


Within these pages are excerpts of a mending mind, my mind. 

Memories captured, lest I forget. 


My name is Andrew and I journey through life with my ever faithful companion Spot, my Jack Russell. But I also travel with an unwanted 'Black Dog' and its companion. 

My battle is fought through Art, Music, Writing and Nature, a novice of varying degrees in all. 

Nature has always been a part of my life and although the connection to her was thought to be lost, slowly it is returning with the walks and the art.

The creative side of oneself has never really been given the chance to flourish, after all it is of no use in life. Thats what I have always been told, that it could never be more than a hobby, it's not worth it, and yet my healing started with an art class led by a therapist. 

Art in all its forms IS worth the time, it's healing, it's relaxing in a world that doesn't want us to stop and more importantly, it lets one express oneself in a very personal way we generally don't get to do in work. 

It gives freedom to the mind.


This site is about making my creative side public, with the hopes that it may encourage others to take up whatever creative aspect they have and for a short while free their mind.

And if your mind has broken, like mine did.

I pass on one phrase I was told by a now unknown person.


"After Winter always comes Spring."

a battered pier