My Blogging started just as an experiment of sorts, another form of journalling to attempt. Psychologists had, for many a year, tried to get me to write down my feelings, emotions and ways to co-exist with the new perspective my mind seems to have created for me. Never a diary keeper other than upcoming appointments, the whole experience has been a stop - start affair. With no expectations, the blogging started, done in secret, late at night.

Looking back at the trepidation of hitting that first 'publish blog' and the fear that a relative or someone I know might read it, no matter how minuscule the chance, and it being dismissed as rubbish; I now see as one of my biggest leap of faiths in my creative journey. I wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote it again and took over two weeks before pressing the button. I kept checking the stats, nothing, no one read it, part relieved - part saddened. The part saddened threw me out, why was I saddened? Then came a second blog, this time easier to write than the last and easier to press 'publish'.


Someone read it, someone from America, surprised that someone would take the time to read 'my' blog  it spurned me on to write another. This got read and liked and I got my first follower. Feelings where mixed, a slight feeling of pride that I wrote something someone else, a complete stranger, had liked, and confusion...Why are they following me? This put pressure on my next one and I did not publish, it went to trash. I had a decision to make - now my writing is being read, what do I write?

   My conclusion was thus:- ​

  • Write what I want.

  • Try to keep it positive (there is enough negative in the world as it is without me adding to it)

  • Add humour whenever possible (subject to individual interpretation)

  • Develop 'my' style of writing toward the goal of writing my own story book (the one that Miss Ross, my old High School English school teacher, told me to write, many, many, moons ago)

  • To keep at it. Enjoyment may not be with me now, but I am not well now. And when I get better my writing should also be better.

    Not that I don't write about the negative, I do, it just gets trashed after I let it out.


What can you take away from all of this? Try it, it costs nothing to publish a Blog, some may even be liked by strangers, others never read. But if you pick up a like or a follower or two, at the time of writing I have 13, take it as a reminder that somewhere, someone has heard your voice. Who knows where it might lead to?|